Best Air Mattress for Camping

Air Mattress for Camping Reviews

Shopping for your camping hobby is both nice and challenging as there are so many things to consider. From the comfortable camping boots, to the rugged camping tent, when it comes to camping you always need to be prepared as you always want to have a nice experience.

How to choose an air mattress for camping?

The first thing to look at is the size of your tent as you can’t get a queen size air bed if it’s not going to fit in your camping tent. Maybe you could make it fit, but you’re not going to be able to walk around or store some supplies. So always get the size that would fit the best in your tent.

Air mattresses may be heavy or light and typically a heavier bed provides more comfort. That is because it’s made of a thicker, more comfortable material which is also longer lasting. If you’re camping with your little ones or anywhere close home, you should go with a heavy air mattress, though.

The way you’re going to inflate your air mattress is highly important as you don’t want to spend too much time on it. If you camped near your car, an electric pump mattress is the way to go, but if you’re farther than the camping spot, a bulky electric pump isn’t going to make it all a picnic. In this case, you should settle with a mattress with a hand/foot pump.

You may also find air mattresses with a pump built in, running on some 4D batteries. They’re a great choice if you go for the easily inflatable mattresses and it’s difficult for you to have access to an outlet power.

On top of everything else, you want your air mattress to be lightweight and easy to handle, especially if you’re going for a longer camping trip. Even though a lightweight air mattress isn’t the most comfortable out there, it’s still going to be better than the hard cold ground.

Top 15 Air Mattress for Camping Reviews

1).  Are you planning to camp any time soon but have no intentions whatsoever into spending more than a few bucks in a good air mattress? If that’s your case, take a leap of faith and try the Intex Prestige Downy Airbed Kit with Hand Held Battery Pump.

The full-sized inflatable mattress is made and build for the rugged outdoors, but this doesn’t mean you can’t confidently use it indoor.

As a matter of fact, for the money you pay, the mattress makes quite a nice impression. Its flocked top is soft and gives you a nice, sleek sleeping surface. The 14-gauge vinyl beams and the 15 gauge sides and bottom increase stability of the mattress.

The battery-powered pump is powered by 6C-size batteries and inflates the mattress quite fast. The 3-in-1 valve has a very wide opening, so it’s easy to inflate the mattress. As air mattresses typically change their firmness due to the location, temperature, and humidity, you may need to inflate this one also from time to time, especially if you’re going to use it for more than few days.

The air-mattress is well made and takes even a 600-pound weight. It folds compact for easy storage and comes with its own shelf box with a carry handle for higher portability.

When in need, the air mattress is easy to spot clean with just some mild soap and water.

Going over the main features:
  • The air mattress comes with a battery-powered pump
  • It inflates fast and easy
  • It’s rugged and build for the outdoors
  • It’s comfortable and folds compact

It goes without saying that we also have some issues to mention:
  • It doesn’t hold air as much as you’d want
  • It could be firmer

All things considered, the air mattress is reliable, easy to use and comfortable, not to mention very low priced.

2).  For those of you who camp but want to keep the spending under control, a reliable option would be the Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump.

The inflatable airbed comes with built-in electric pump so the setup is very easy. If you’re having any problems though, the instructions are quite easy to follow. Keep in mind that the material needs a bit of time to settle and stretch which is why it may lose some pressure in the first couple of days.

The flocked top is waterproof and has vinyl beams and a solid build, which is why the mattress may be confidently used when camping. The built-in pillows give comfort and the double-layered wave beam interior construction creates a good support for your sleep. The mattress sits above from the ground, which is pretty good when camping.

The air mattress presents also a raised outer frame which increases its stability and the indented sides are supposed to give a good grip to the fitted sheets.

As for storage and carrying, not to worry. The mattress deflates easily and comes with its own carrying bag.

Going shortly over the main qualities:
  • The air mattress raises 16.5in above the ground
  • It comes with a built-in electric pump for easy inflate/deflate
  • It’s comfortable and supportive
  • It comes with its own carrying bag

The downsides aren’t such a big of a deal:
  • The sheets may slide
  • The pump is a tad loud

As long as you’re realizing that, for the money you pay, you can’t get the most durable or comfortable air mattress, but a pretty reliable and decent one, you’re good to go with this one.

3).  Intex is creating some of the most popular air mattresses out there and the manufacturer has been found to key for the good quality, yet low priced, mattresses. Even though it’s not the most durable air mattress out there, the Intex Raised Downy Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump may still be a nice surprise, especially considering its price.

The air mattress comes with a high-powered, built-in electric pump so it inflates/deflates automatically. It needs around 5 minutes to inflate and even if it loses some of its pressure, don’t panic. This means it’s only stretching and you only need to re-inflate it until it fully settles.

We also like that the air mattress sits 22 in above the ground which is quite high on a camping night. Its flocked top is waterproof and the mattress has a vinyl beams and sturdy build. The dual chamber construction is effective and the lower chamber uses as the box spring from a traditional bed, ensuring firmness and good support. The upper chamber plays the role of a mattress.

The sides are indented so the bedding doesn’t slip.

The mattress is easy to use and its pump is hidden in a small compartment. It deflates completely and it comes with a carry bag, becoming highly portable and easy to store.

Our favs would be:
  • The air mattress comes with a built-in electric pump
  • It’s easy to use and to store/carry
  • It sits high above the ground and it’s comfortable
  • It inflates/deflates automatically

Don’t worry much about the inherent flaws:
  • The air mattress may leak in the beginning
  • It’s not the most durable mattress out there

Despite the minor issues, the air mattress is a cheap, dependable, easy to use option when camping.

4).  Going shopping on a fixed budget isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible to find a good air mattress for camping even with a rather tight budget. The Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump may be a nice surprise, especially if you’re only focusing on the good parts.

The air mattress comes with Fiber-Tech construction and its beam build makes it firm and comfortable, for sure. The horizontal air channels give the mattress a good stability and firmness.

What we really like about it is that it has a build in, high-powered electric pump which means you don’t have to worry about inflating/deflating it. The mattress needs around 4 minutes to inflate and, more importantly, you just sit and watch while it inflates.

The air-mattress has a waterproof flocked top that is 22 inches far from the ground, whereas the indented sides don’t let the sheets slipping. The plush flocking is soft to touch, increasing your comfort.

As for storage, it’s good to know that the air-mattress gets flat for easier storage. It also comes with its own duffel bag for easier transportation.

Here are our favs:
  • The air mattress comes with a build in electric pump
  • The waterproof flocked top is soft to touch and high from the ground
  • The horizontal air channels give its firmness and stability
  • It’s easy to use and to store

The cons aren’t that big:
  • Some think it’s a bit too hard
  • It seems that the sizing is a bit off

All in all, for a good price, you get a firm, very easy to use and to store, comfortable air-mattress.

5).  Comfortable and fairly priced, the ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed is going to be a good option for many campers out there.

The air bed had a solid coil design which gives its stability and makes it supportive. It’s easy to inflate/deflate the air bed and its build allows you to use it both indoor and outdoor.

The State-of-the-Art Pump system is effective and the bed has a reinforced construction, increasing your comfort during your sleep.

The air mattress is made with thick and durable PVC material and it’s puncture resistant, whereas the welded seams extend the life span of the mattress. More specifically, the bottom and side fabric is 17% thicker than other materials on the market.

The flocked top has a soft, velvety feel and gives you a luxurious feel while you’re sleeping. The bedding stays in place and doesn’t slide around either.

The pump is strong and very small. The battery is rechargeable and compact, and the air mattress is great for camping.

The carry bad is helpful and the mattress is highly portable and easy to store.

Our favorite parts about the mattress:
  • It comes with a strong and small pump
  • It’s well made and easy to use
  • You may use it indoor and outdoor
  • It’s comfortable and dependable

Don’t make a drama about the inherent flaws:
  • It could hold its air a lot better
  • The pump could be more durable

Despite the minor issues, the air mattress still is a great option for both camping or indoor use.

6).  Packing small and being lightweight, the Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel is great to take when camping.

The air mattress comes with a built-in pillow and uses a battery operated pump that runs on 4D batteries.

Even though it’s made with PVC and with TPU coated stretch-resistant material, the mattress doesn’t have a plastic smell. It keeps it firmness and maintains its shape pretty well, also.

The Tuft Tech no-slip surface ensures support and comfort, whereas the 2” pillow is nice. The flocked surface is soft and the tufted build helps you feel cozier when using the mattress.

The two part Boston Valve helps you easily inflate the air mattress and to customize the firmness as well.

The air mattress fits standard queen size sheets that stay in place.

The setup is easy to do and the mattress is versatile, as you can also use if for your guests at home when in need.

The mattresses roll up nice and easy and its carrying bag is large, so you don’t have to struggle fitting it in. easy to store and to carry around, the mattress is a definite “yes” for your camping.

Here are our favs:
  • The air mattress is lightweight and comfortable
  • It rolls small and easy into its carrying bag
  • It’s easy to use and to inflate
  • The surface is firm and cozy

We’d like to see some minor improvements:
  • It makes a weird noise when in use
  • It doesn’t inflate fast

All in all, the air mattress is highly portable, comfortable and dependable for many situations, not only for camping.

7).  Many of us out there go camping for the sake of our little ones so a comfortable and easy to use air mattress for them would be the AeroBed Mattress for Kids.

The air mattress is especially designed for kids and its sleeping surface is 50×25 inches. Additionally, the 4in high surround safety cushion keeps your kids safe on the bed all night long.

The build of the mattress is good and we notice the thick, heavy-duty PVC materials with electronically welded seams.

The air mattress comes with an AC pump that inflates it fast and easy, in less than a minute. As for the deflate, you only have to wait around 20 seconds or so. The hand-held pump has a good grip and it’s easy to use.

We also like the fact the mattress comes with its own fitted mattress pad that not only looks nice (it has a moon and star design), but it’s also easy to clean as it’s machine washable. The cover is thick and takes the intense use pretty well.

The air mattress inflates fast and holds its air for a good time.

On top of everything else, it’s also easy to fold for storage and to carry around in its draw string bag.

Here are the main qualities:
  • It’s especially designed for kids
  • It has 4in high surround safety cushion
  • It comes with an effective, fast, and hand-held AC pump for inflating
  • It has a nice looking, thick and removable cover

We’re not forgetting the downsides, even though they’re not major:
  • It’s a bit noisy
  • It has a plastic smell

All things considered, for the good design, comfort and removable pretty cover, the air mattress is a great choice to consider when camping with the little ones.

8).  Created and made especially for camping, the SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress with Included Rechargeable Air Pump brings many good things to the table.

The air mattress is made with ComfortCoil Technology and presents the I-Beam Air Coils that provide durability for the outdoor use.

The patented, external pump makes inflation/deflation easy. Additionally, the pump comes with a rugged rechargeable battery that you may charge at home or with a car charger while on the road.

The mattress needs around 3 minutes for full inflation and it’s especially build for the outdoor use. The material that is made of it’s thick, handling the intense use.

The single height design makes the air mattress versatile and easy to use, no matter your tent’s height. You may choose from several sizes, though.

The air mattress has a good build and leaves a durability feel. It comes with its own carry bag so you don’t have to stress over the carry and the storage.

What we like the most on the air mattress:
  • The air mattress comes with an external pump that works fast
  • The pump has a rechargeable battery
  • The mattress has a single height design for more versatility
  • It’s comfortable and especially designed for the outdoor use

Don’t let the inherent problems change your mind:
  • It’s a bit close to the ground
  • You can’t check the charging process

All in all, the air mattress is great for camping and is one sure buy whenever in need.

9).  If you’ve been searching high and low for an airbed cot for your camping, that comes for a fair price, look no farther and give it a go with the Coleman Airbed Cot – Queen.

The air bed presents a sturdy built and good stability. The AirTight system is tested to be leak-free and the air mattress feels comfortable and firm. The ComfortStrong coil system is responsible for that, as it offers effective support, throughout the entire night.

There are many details in the design that count and the two side tables with cup holders is just one to mention. We also need to notice the sewn-in cover that keeps the airbed in place and the folding steel frame that is so rugged.

The bed is 22in high from the ground so it’s not difficult to get in/out of the bed, but you also don’t get cold from being too close to the ground.

The air bed comes with a 4D battery pump that you use for inflating the air mattress. The leak-free valve is dual-sealed and uses the first seal to stop the air from going away, while you’re removing the pump. The second seal traps the air inside during your sleep.

The mattress is zipped in place so it doesn’t move.

The air bed cot folds up into its own, large carrying bag that fits easily all of its parts.

The main assets would be:
  • The air bed is easy to use and has a rugged build
  • The coil system ensures support and comfort all night long
  • The folding steel frame is tough and the air mattress is comfy
  • The details on the design are great

We wouldn’t stumble into the inherent flaws:
  • The air bed is a tad noisy
  • It has no horizontal bar under your body

Regardless of the minor issues, when in need for an air bed cot, this is definitely a sure buy.

10).  One of the most popular choices out there, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology brings an impressive list of good features to the table which definitely explain its popularity.

The air mattress is made with ComfortCoil technology so it features 40 internal air coils for more durability and support. The bed is quite firm and comfortable, helping better sleep.

The bed is made with thick, waterproof flocked top and has a multilayer build. The material is also puncture-resistant so you may safely use it when camping, not to mention indoors! The air mattress is quite tall so you don’t get cold when using it.

The build is good and the “double-height” air bed has a dual chamber construction for increased comfort. The “Sure-Grip” bottom minimizes risk for sliding. The built-in cord storage is a nice detail also, winning you more space.

The air mattress comes with a patented 1-click internal pump so it’s easy to inflate/deflate. It only needs around 4 minutes to fully inflate and the “deflate” feature saves you some time. Additionally, the motor runs pretty quiet also.

Well-made and easy to use, the air mattress comes with its own carry bag so it’s highly portable and easy to store.

Here’s what we like the most on the air mattress:
  • It’s made with Comfort Coil Technology for more comfort and firm support
  • It’s thick, tall and doesn’t slide around
  • It inflates/deflates fast, easy and quiet
  • It’s portable and well made

The cons aren’t major:
  • The edges could use more support
  • It’s not as firm as some may expect

All in all, for a good price, you get a durable, comfortable, easy to use and portable air mattress, which is enough for many.

11).  The headboard design of the AeroBed Comfort Anywhere 18″ Air Mattress with Headboard Design is one of the good things to notice, but the air mattress brings a lot more to the table.

Comfortable and easy to use, the inflatable bed fits very well standard queen sheets and you may very well use it if you have friends coming over and spending the night at your place.

The AeroBed mattress has a comfortable, long lasting and versatile design. It comes with a strong built-in pump so it inflates fast and easy.  The pump works well and it’s rather quiet.

The headboard keeps the pillows in place and the stability edge support increases your comfort. Additionally, it comes with an easy to use comfort control wand so you get to set the firmness as it pleases you.

The bottom is tough and adds puncture resistance.

The air mattress has a good build and is quite solid, leaving a durability feel. It comes with its own carrying bag for more portability and easier storage.

Here are the most important qualities:
  • The air mattress comes with a fast and quiet pump
  • It has a rugged build and it’s comfortable
  • The headboard keeps pillows in place
  • It’s comfortable and well made

We’d appreciate some problems to be solved:
  • It’s a bit heavy to carry it around
  • The materials could be better

Focusing on the many good things though, we definitely think that the mattress is worth every single penny as it’s versatile, dependable and comfortable.

12).  When in need for a twin size air mattress for your camping, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump.

The air mattress comes with the patented never Flat pump system that maintains your airbed inflated all night. A primary pump automatically inflates/deflates the mattress in 4 minutes or so, whereas a secondary never Flat pump makes sure the air pressure is well maintained, giving you the comfort level you are trying to get every time.

The primary pump presents an auto-shut off feature so it automatically turns off if the airbed is fully inflated.

The circular coils give a supportive and level sleep surface, whereas the flocked top isn’t just durable but also soft to touch. The top keeps the bedding in place as it’s mad with good quality materials that are puncture and water resistant, taking the use for a long time. The vertical and horizontal reinforcements help the mattress maintain its shape.

The air mattress raises 18” above the ground so it’s easy for you to get into/out of the bed, but also you’re not too close to the ground.

You may have your very own settings for the mattress as it comes with clear dial settings for plush, medium and firm levels. Keep in mind that the mattress is made from PVC so it stretches as it gets warm whit use.

The air mattress comes with a carry bag so the problem of storage and carrying is taken care of.

Here are its strengths:
  • The air mattress comes with never Flat pump system
  • It inflates/deflates automatically
  • The mattress is water and puncture resistant, taking the intense use
  • It’s thick and holds its shape

The weaknesses shouldn’t be a problem:
  • It’s not as comfortable as a traditional mattress
  • The never Flat pump isn’t very quiet

For what it’s worth, the air mattress doesn’t disappoint and it’s a great choice for camping.

13).  The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump stands out from many air mattresses out there as it comes with two pumps, making inflating/deflating a breeze.

The patented FLAT pump system not only maintains the mattress inflated all night, but it’s also very quiet. The primary pump automatically inflates/deflates the mattress in 4 minutes or so, whereas the Never flat pump checks and keeps the air pressure to your favorite comfort level during your sleep. The pump is silent so you don’t need to worry about waking up in the middle of the night because of the noise.

The air mattress is made with 35 circular coils (Queen size) and 21 circular coils (Twin size), creating a tough, supportive sleep surface. The mattress is 18 in above the ground so you don’t get cold during the night. It’s made with vertical and horizontal reinforcements so that it doesn’t lose its shape while you’re sleeping.

Another thing to set the mattress apart from many is the possibility to customize the level of firmness, just the way you want it. The mattress comes with a clear dial setting so you may set it for plush, medium or firm level.

The flocked top holds the bedding in place and the air-mattress fits regular sheets. It comes with a built in cord holder, so you don’t need to worry about stumbling into the cords.

The air mattress comes with its own carry bag so it’s easy to store and carry around.

The list of main assets would be:
  • It comes with a Flat pump that keeps the airbed inflated all night
  • The airbed inflates/deflates automatically
  • You may customize the firmness level
  • It doesn’t lose its shape during your sleep

We wouldn’t make a drama out of the minor issues:
  • The material could be more durable
  • Some think it’s a bit too firm

For the features it presents and reliability though, we don’t see any real reason for you not to try the air mattress.

14).  The list of good things of the Ivation EZ-Bed (Queen) Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case is pretty long, which is why you need to take a quick look at its detailed description down below.

The air mattress comes with a built-in pump so it automatically inflates and deflates in less than 4 minutes. The pump comes with auto shut-off option so you may set the firmness level you want: plush, medium or firm.

The self-deploying frame design lets you easily unzip the case and plug into the wall, turn it on and enjoy the setup.

The flocked mattress top is long lasting, whereas the 48 circular coils give a soft and comfy sleep surface. Additionally, the bedding stays in place and doesn’t shift away.

The EZBed unfolds and inflates as high as a standard bed, which makes it easy for you to get in/off.

The air mattress is quite and so it’s the inflating/deflating process.

Let’s not forget the mattress easily folds into its rolling duffle storage case, becoming highly portable and very easy to store.

Pinpointing the most important qualities:
  • The air mattress has a self-deploying frame design
  • It comes with a built-in pump so it automatically inflates/deflates
  • You may set the right level of firmness
  • It folds for an easy storage in its own rolling duffle storage case

We think there’s always place for improvement:
  • Some think it’s not easy to fold it back in
  • Some reported leakage

All in all, the air mattress is good, dependable, comfortable and highly portable, which should count the most when camping.

15).  If you don’t want to go camping because you like too much the traditional beds, put your money at stake with the Insta-Bed Ez Queen Raised Air Mattress with NeverFlat.

For just one price you get a bed frame and one air mattress, which is almost like taking your bed from home when camping. The bed frame is rugged and supportive and the bed comes with two pumps.

The air mattress automatically inflates thanks to one of its pumps, in less than 4 minutes and an auto-shut off function automatically turns the system off once the mattress is inflated. The second pump, actually the patented never Flat pump system maintains the mattress well inflated throughout the entire night.

The sensors monitor is useful and the mattress inflates automatically if it senses any drop in pressure.

The air mattress is well build and tough, handling a 500-pound weight. It features 48 circular coils that give support and comfort in your sleep.

The height of the mattress is right for an easy getting in/off the bed and you may even set the firmness level. You get to choose from plush, medium or firm.

The motor is quiet and the mattress folds very easy for storage. It comes with a rolling storage case and a repair kit, just in case.

Our favs would be:
  • The air mattress comes with a rugged bed frame
  • It features two pumps that work fast and quiet
  • The mattress automatically inflates/deflates and remains inflated
  • It’s comfortable and very easy to use

Bells and whistles aside, we do have to pinpoint some small problems:
  • Some may need a pillow topper for more comfort
  • It’s not quite cheap

Nevertheless, for the good build, ease of use and reliability, the air mattress is in the end money well spent.