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Camping Grill Reviews

Camping is about fun and lovely times in the outdoors and you need the right tools and gear to get that. From the right camping tent to the camping grill, there are many things to consider when getting ready your essentials ready.

How to choose a camping grill?

First thing to think about is what kind of fuel you want to use on your grill. Gas is the most popular choice as it gives instant, clean heat and you may choose from propane or butane. Propane is though more common choice.

If you’re going for the smoky flavor in your food, go for a charcoal grill. Note that a grill like this has to be made with heavy materials, which makes them a bit bulky and difficult to carry around.

You want your grill to have a sturdy build and good stability too, without sacrificing the portability, though.

A camping grill should have a grill plate that is rather heavy, made with long lasting materials. You should stay away from the lighter materials as they may burn your food.

As a camping grill needs to be easily carried around, its portability is essential. A model that folds compact and uses wood chips or charcoal is a real winner for a small family.

Don’t forget to check the price tag when shopping, as it may have a say in your final decision!

TOP 10 Camping Grill Reviews

1).  If you’re looking for a small, yet tough and durable camping grill, take a leap of faith with the Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill.

The charcoal grill is great for camping or tailgate parties and everything about it makes it easy for you. For instance, the grill features a glass reinforced nylon handle that helps easily remove the lid.

The cooking grate has a 14-1/2in. diameter and it’s triple nickel-plated, which means you may use it for quite some time. Additionally, the porcelain enameled coating protect it from rusting and fading.

The grill frame presents three aluminum legs and an aluminum ash catcher so it’s easy for you to use it and to clean it when in need.

The aluminum vents are no-rust type and ensure good airflow control.

The grill concentrates heat well and holds the heat efficiently. You may need a couple of minutes for the assembly, but you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

The high quality of the materials and the build make it a sturdy, durable choice that is quite a steal for the price.

The very short list of pros:
  • It’s made with high quality materials
  • The build is rugged and the grill is durable
  • It’s easy to out together and to use
  • It concentrates heat well

The cons are definitely minor:
  • Some think it’s a tad small
  • The legs may bent

All in all, for the tough build, quality materials and reliable performance, don’t hesitate to get it first time you see it.

2).  Don’t let the price or the first look of the Outon Portable Grill Charcoal Grill Outdoor/Home BBQ 14 inch Red mislead you as the grill is a quite a nice surprise, after all.

The grill gives a nice 150 cooking space and its cooking grate has a 14in diameter. The grate is made with plated steel, taking a beat.

The dual venting system is effective for charcoal use and gives you better temperature control. The ash catcher is large and is made with aluminum, being easy to clean and lightweight. The aluminized steel gives the grill durability and makes it easy to clean as well.

The grill presents a three secure lid locks so you easily and safely carry it around. Lightweight and so easy to install, the grill is tough enough to take the high grill temperatures.

The grates are made with heavy-duty plated steel so the risk for burning or warping is minimal. They also give you a nice space for a direct setup or indirect setup.

You don’t need lot of charcoal when using the grill and it actually heats up pretty fast. Its wheels make it highly portable and the sturdy handles ensure a safe transportation.

Our favs are:
  • The grate is made with plated steel
  • The ash catcher is large and easy to remove for cleaning
  • It heats up fast and doesn’t need much charcoal
  • It’s portable, easy to use and durable

We’re not dramatizing over some flaws:
  • It has a cheap feel, even though its build shows the opposite
  • It’s a bit small for a big party

As long as you’re aware of its minor limitations, the grill is a good choice, especially if you’re going shopping on a fixed budget.

3).  If you’re looking for a small camping grill that cooks great and is so easy to carry around, you should definitely have a go with the Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill.

The camping grill stands out with its reliable performance, giving you constant and even heat thanks to the PerfectFlow system. Your cooking is going to be good as the grill presents also the PerfectHeat technology design.

The setup is a breeze and the camping grill is so portable. It’s lightweight and folds to compact size, whereas its setup takes few seconds.

The cooking surface is quite large ( which is enough for one or two persons. The compact design is great and the grill has a small foot print.

As for the cooking power, the camping grill gives a 6,000BTUs output that you may easily adjust, on a single burner. You need a standard 16.4oz propane cylinder, just to give you a heads up.

Let’s not forget about the Instastart matchless ignition that is easy to use by the push-button lighting, with no need for matches whatsoever.

The grate is made with porcelain-coated stamped steel and it’s easy to remove for clean-up. You may wash it in the dishwasher too. The water pan and the grease tray are also removable for an easy clean up, and you may definitely put the pan in the dishwasher.

The feet are made of metal and fold nice and easy, tucking out of the way when not in use.

Compact, portable, reliable and easy to clean, the camping grill raises up to the Coleman name.

Our favs are many:
  • The camping grill heats up fast and evenly
  • The cooking surface is large
  • It comes with foldable feet and folds compact for easy storage/carry
  • It’s easy to install and to use

The downsides shouldn’t make you change your mind, as they didn’t change ours:
  • The lid doesn’t come off
  • The latch should be more beefed

All in all, for the compact size, good heating performance and portability, the camping grill shouldn’t be missed on next time you’re shopping.

4).  Big enough for a big family, yet small enough to easily carry it when camping, the Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel TableTop Propane Gas Grill brings plenty of good things to the table.

The table top gas grill is made of stainless steel and it’s made for BBQ-grillers on the go. The durable build lets you heavily use the grill, no matter the weather or the camping conditions.

The compact design makes it easy to display and to carry around, whereas its locking lid ensures a safe carry all the time. The legs are foldable and the front carry handle is large, so you shouldn’t worry at all about moving it around or storing it.

You need a disposable, one-pound propane cylinder for the grill to operate, but you may also turn it into a 20lb. propane bottle using the Smoke Hollow 205-22 4ft. Universal Propane Gas hose and adapter. This way, you can’t question its versatility either.

The cooking area is 105 and it’s made with primary stainless steel, handling the intense use. the warming rack is chrome-plated, fitting the durability of the grill.

The “U” shaped burner gives 10,000BTUs and the heating is even. The grill warms up fast and the temperature gauge is plenty of help.

The grill is well thought out and you shouldn’t have any problems setting it up or folding it for storage/carry.

Summing it all for a short list of take aways:
  • The camping grill has a good and durable build
  • It warms up fast and heats evenly
  • It folds compact and it’s highly portable
  • It’s easy to use and versatile

We’re not making a fuss over the inherent flaws:
  • The gas valve could use better build
  • The grates are a bit close to the fire so you need to pay attention when grilling

Regardless of the minor problems, the camping grill is portable, reliable, long lasting and quite a bang for your buck, in the end.

5).  Awarded by Outdoor Gear Lab with ‘Editors’ Choice Best Grill’ , the Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill comes with many good things and only few downsides that shouldn’t worry you much, though.

The portable gas grill gives you plenty of cooking surface, 145 to be more precise. Its design recommends it for the outdoor activities so it has a compact shape and a rather small foot print. It’s no difficult to find its spot when camping nor to carry it around since its legs are foldable, for easier transportation.

The burner gives a 5,500BTUs output and it’s made of stainless steel, taking the use for a good amount of time. You need propane for running the grill and the twist start ignition makes the use a breeze.

The grate is porcelain-enameled and it’s removable for easier cleaning. The heating is even and the grate is dishwasher safe also.

The legs are made of aluminum and give nice stability to the grill. We also need to pinpoint the build-in lid lock that keeps the lid safe when carrying the grill around. Additionally, the grill presents an accentuated brief-case style carrying handle so it’s easy for you to carry it.

The spill resistant tray is also easy to remove for cleaning and the grill is a must for many. The construction is solid and the grill leaves a durability feel.

What we like the most about it:
  • The grill has a solid, durable build
  • It comes with foldable legs
  • The setup and use are easy
  • It heats up evenly and it’s portable

We wouldn’t call the flaws major for sure:
  • The dripping tray may be bigger
  • The legs aren’t that easy to use

It goes without saying that, for the good build, portability and even cooking performance, the camping grill is a sure buy anytime.

6).  Sturdy and really made to take up a beat, the Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay Home Product’s Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill is one of the most popular options out there and you only need to take a peek at it to get it why.

The camping grill has a rugged build and it’s made to take the intense use, in challenging outdoor conditions. It’s a charcoal grill that has a hibachi-style and is made of long lasting cast iron.

The cooking grate is great and you may want to keep it oiled all the time so it doesn’t get sticky.

The list of functional features also includes a draft door that helps you control heat and the coals are easy to access behind the flip-down door.

We also like a lot the fact the grill has two adjustable heights, giving it more versatility.

As for the portability, we all know how it’s essential for the camping grills and this one delivers it also. It comes with an attached handle for easier transportation, but we can’t skip the built-in shelf that helps you rest your utensils while grilling.

Flexible and getting pretty hot, the grill is a heavy-duty option for your camping. In order to extend its lifespan, stay on the safe side and hand wash it when in need.

It’s strong points would be:
  • It has a solid build and great stability
  • It gets very hot and has adjustable heights temper cooking speed
  • It features draft door and door for accessing coals
  • It has a hibachi-style and carrying handle

Bells and whistles aside, here are its weak points:
  • It doesn’t come with a lid
  • There is a learning curve in the beginning for some

Putting our ducks in a row, we get the image of a tough, solid, reliable camping grill that may serve you for such a long time.

7).  There are many things we like on the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Portable Grill2Go Gas Grill and its rugged build or double latches may be its best assets.

The camping grill is made with cast aluminum, whereas the lid features dual stainless steel latches, giving it the tough feel we mentioned above. There are more features to talk about though, and you’re surely going to appreciate the temp gauge or the cooking performance.

The grill presents a No flare-up TRU-infrared cooking system and gives you of cooking surface. The grill grate is made with stainless steel, taking the intense use.

The built-in, push-button ignition mean you need no batteries to ignite the burner, but only a portable 16.4oz disposable LP cylinder. The burner has a 9,500BTU output and the TRU-infrared cooking system ensures even cooking no matter how cold it gets outside.

The tabletop grill is simple to set it up and lightweight, becoming a great option for any outdoor activities.

The Cool-touch heat-resistant handle and the rust-resistant steel build add up to the list of good things, but the black porcelain finish isn’t to be forgotten either.

The high-impact frame comes with legs and carry handles, so no way you need to worry about its durability or portability.

And, in case you need it, you may easily convert it so that you may use it with a 20lb. tank.

The list of good things is:
  • The grill has a rugged build and seems durable
  • It comes with dual stainless latches and temp gauge
  • It’s portable and dependable
  • It comes with legs and carry handles

We wouldn’t call the minor issues serious concerns:
  • It’s a bit on the heavy weight size
  • It doesn’t come with its own carrying case

As it’s rugged, durable, reliable and easy to carry around, we’d say you’re definitely not going to end up with a lemon when getting this one.

8).  Easy to set it up and long lasting, the Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE is a good option for many campers out there.

The list of good things may not be the longest, but its popularity should be enough reason for you to buy it.

The build of the grill is good, leaving a durability feel and the useful features are plenty. We notice the Swaptop interchangeable cooktop that gives you more meal choices and the sliding side tables that help you organize better your tools and ingredients. You have them always handy and you win some space as well.

The camping grill has an Instastart ignition for push-buttons so you don’t need any matches for lighting. The PerfectFlow technology sustains an even heating, no matter how the weather gets. The cooking surface is large and the are enough for a good grill in the afternoon. The cooking power is 20,000BTUs and each burner gives 10,000BTUs.

The collapsible stand with wheels give the high portability to the grill so you should never worry about carrying it around or storing it when you’re done with grilling. The camping grill folds to a compact size and the large handles and wheels make it so easy to carry it around.

The setup is easy and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. The grill is also easy to clean and that’s also because the surfaces are made of cast-iron and are porcelain-coated. The grease tray is easy to remove for cleaning.

Solid, portable and heating fast, the camping grill doesn’t disappoint.

Here’s the list of main good things:
  • The camping grill is easy to set up/take down
  • The cooking surface is large
  • It’s foldable and easy to carry around/store
  • It’s powerful and heats up evenly

This doesn’t mean we don’t have any thoughts on the downsides:
  • The lid could be taller
  • The latch doesn’t always stay in place

Nevertheless, for the portability, good build and power, the camping grill should be on your shopping list when getting together the things you need for camping.

9).  Well-made and taking the durability test, the Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill is a little camping fellow to take on your outdoor adventures.

The grill comes with a stainless steel burner that provides 8500 BTUs per hour. The cooking area is large and the grill heats up evenly every time.

The cooking grates are made with porcelain-enameled cast-iron and aren’t difficult to clean at all. The cast aluminum lid and body leave a durability feel and ensure safe carry as well.

The design of the grill is smart and the split grates let you try some grate/griddle cooking mixing.

The grill comes ready to use out of the box and it’s also easy to use. The push-button ignition means you need no matches with you for grilling and the burner valve control lets you easily adjust the heat.

The grill is tough, yet lightweight and very easy to carry around/store. You need disposable LP cylinders for running it, but you may also use the adaptor hose when using a 20lb. tank.

Focusing on its best assets:
  • The grill is tough, yet lightweight
  • It’s well-made and durable
  • It heats up evenly and it’s easy to use
  • It comes ready for use out of the box and it’s highly portable

Don’t let some minor problems see it for less:
  • It doesn’t give high output
  • The regulator may work better

All things considered, if you’re in need of a portable, small, tough, lightweight camping grill you should give this one a try.

10).  Some may feel it’s a bit steep, but it’s only a matter of time until you get to realize that the Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill is worth every single penny.

The burner is made of stainless steel and it gives 12,000BTUs per hour, whereas the cooking area is big. The grill lights up instantly and cooks evenly every time. The easy-start electronic ignition is functional and you get good control over the burner valve, for customized settings too.

The grates are made with cast iron and are also porcelain-enameled, so they take the heavy use, for a long time. Even though they fall on the heavy weight side, the grill is altogether lightweight.

The cast aluminum lid and body make the grill easy to carry around. The grill comes assembled out of the box so you don’t need to fuss over the setup. It comes with a built-in thermometer so you may always monitor the temperature inside the grill.

The grill presents ergonomic side handles and solid front and rear cradles. The fold-out side tables are large and are rigid, in a good way. The Weber Q logo is branded quite obvious in the lid.

The design of the grill is smart, allowing you to go for a grate/griddle cooking combination.

You need disposable LP cylinders for the grill, but you may also use the optional LP adapter hose if you’d rather go with some 20lb. tank.

The grill has a small foot print and it’s easy to display and to store. It’s also easy to move around and to clean. Its grease catcher is large and, it’s made in our USA.

We came up with a very short list of good things:
  • The grill has cast iron and porcelain-enameled grates
  • It comes fully assembled and it’s easy to display
  • It heats up instantly and cooks evenly
  • It’s portable and rugged

We’re not going to give up on the grill just because of some minor issues:
  • The grates is a bit heavy
  • This isn’t exactly a cheap grill

Wrapping it all up, we’re quite positive that the grill is a great investment of your money and you’re not going to need another one any time soon.