Brightest Tactical Flashlight

Brightest Tactical Flashlight Reviews

Tactical flashlights aren’t supposed to be just tough, rugged and compact in order to be reliable out on the field. It’s useless to have a compact and heavy-duty tactical flashlight if, in case of an emergency, it’s impossible for you to identify your attacker or to light up your way in the darkest night.

What is bright anyway?

All flashlights are rated with the ANSIFL1 standards and, according to them, there are 3 different ways to measure light output.

We can measure Light Output in Lumens, beam distance and the peak beam intensity.  If the beam distance measures the distance a beam travels and it’s measured in meters, the peak beam intensity is measured in candela and informs us about the brightest point of the beam.

Therefore, there are several things to consider when deciding which tactical flashlight makes it to our Top 10 of brightest tactical flashlights.

As the beam distance and peak beam intensity may vary a lot depending on the angle and size of the reflector that is used, we took into consideration the overall Light Output measurement of Lumens.

Our take on bright tactical flashlights

Lumens tell us directly about the level of the overall light output, but this doesn’t mean that a flashlight with many lumens is going to shine the farthest. Therefore, you need to know if you want your tactical flashlight to travel far and to shine the farthest, or you need it to shine for a closer view.

Last, but not least, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to also check the number that a flashlight has according to the FL1 standards. Sometimes, the light that comes out of the front of the flashlight isn’t the same as the maximum output of the LED emitter.

TOP 10 Brightest Tactical Flashlight Reviews

Small and bright, easy to carry and reliable for the outdoor use, the J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight – Amazingly Bright 400 Lumen LED 3 Mode Tactical Flashlight is an impressive option to try, especially when you go shopping on a tight budget.

Don’t let the small size fool you as, despite its size, the flashlight gives an impressive maximum output of 400 Lumens. Add the compact shape of the flashlight and you’re getting the better understand why the little tool is such a good choice when out in the field.

The flashlight also has three operating modes and you may set it according to a specific situation: high, low, and strobe. If the situation calls for it, always rely on the strobe mode. The light is bright and travels far and the focus is adjustable.

The body of the flashlight is tough and made to take t a beat. It has a good and sturdy grip and you may even operate it with just one hand.

The flashlight runs on triple AAA batteries so it’s easy to find the batteries for it. Unlike other models,, the flashlight doesn’t eat batteries and it may run for a couple of hours on bright mode.

Going over the qualities shortly:
  • The light is bright and travels far
  • The flashlight is small and compact
  • It’s tough and takes a beat
  • It’s durable and reliable

Don’t let some minor problems scare you off:
  • The low beam could be a bit brighter
  • The metal clip has to be better

For the bright light, good build and compact shape, the flashlight is a great bang for your buck when in need.

Don’t let the size of the ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-G2 R5 AAA Torch Max120 Lumens LED Flashlight, Mini, Cool White fool you as you may end up blown by surprise with its performances when out on the field.

The flashlight isn’t the ordinary keychain flashlight that you may expect and there are so many things about it that make it a true tactical flashlight.

Solid and compact, the flashlight has a maximum of 120Lumens output, whereas its light travels far, up to 164ft.

The flashlight is made with aluminum type III hard-anodized type and it’s able to take a fall, more than just once.

The lighting performance is great considering its size and price and you may actually get through various three modes: low, high and strobe mode that is hidden.

The portability of the flashlight puts it on the map of the tactical flashlights, though. Its pocket clip is tough and makes it easy for you to attach it to a key ring. As the key ring is 2 ways reversible, you may also go for a hat brim attachment when in need.

The texture of the flashlight gives it a good, comfortable grip and the flashlight is easy to use.

Lightweight and long lasting, the flashlight is quite energy efficient as well, coming with a great LED and needing AAA batteries that are so easy to find.

Here are the most important pros:
  • The flashlight is tough and rugged, taking a fall
  • It has three lighting modes
  • It’s portable and easy to carry
  • It’s bright and the light travels far

Don’t forget about the minor issues:
  • Some find it difficult to go through the modes
  • It has no tail switch button

For the small and rugged build, let alone to mention the bright light, the small keychain flashlight is quite a reliable tool for your tactical jobs.

The ThruNite Archer 2A V3 Cool White 500 Lumens AA LED Flashlight is another great example of bright tactical flashlights that you may try whenever in need.

The build of the flashlight recommends it for the heavy-duty jobs out there as its body is made with aerospace grade aluminum, presenting a military grade Type III hard-anodized finish. The flashlight has an anti-abrasive finish that not only extends its lifespan, but also gives it a better, sturdier grip.

The flashlight may take a fall or two (and more than two, for sure) and some splashes as well thanks to its IPX8 waterproof grade.

The light performances are great for the tactical missions and you may easily set it for one of the 5 modes: firefly, low, medium, high and the hidden strobe. It’s not difficult to get through the various modes and the strobe mode is always very easy to access. Additionally, the flashlight always turn on in the last mode you used.

We continue the list of good features with the ability of the flashlight to upright stand on its rear end and the tail switch that is easy to operate. The flashlight also has a side button to control the on/off mode selection.

We also like the fact that the settings are well spaced and the looks of the flashlight aren’t bad at all either.

The slim profile and the compact shape put the flashlight in the tactical flashlights that are bright and dependable in so many situations.

Highlighting the most important good things:
  • The flashlight is compact and has a slim profile
  • It’s impact resistant and has an IPX8 waterproof grade
  • You may use one of its 5 lighting modes
  • The strobe mode is always easy to access

Here are downsides also:
  • It’s a bit challenging to find the side button in the dark
  • Some feel it a bit bulky

For its bright light, rugged build and so many other good things, the flashlight is quite a choice when out in the field.

Using US made ultra-bright Cree XML-T6 bulbs, the  SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Professional Series Flashlight Kit is one flashlight you shouldn’t miss on when in need.

The flashlight gives 1,200 Lumens maximum output and no less than 5 operating modes: high, medium, low beam, bright strobe (for the tactical intruder situation) and SOS emergency signal mode.

Additionally, the flashlight has zoom function and the lens operated on “throw” (distance) or “flood” (wide coverage) mode as well. The zoom function is smooth, nice, and highly appreciated.

The flashlight is very easy to operate and its head slides in and out, fast and smooth every time. The premium tail switch makes the use a breeze as well.

The build of the flashlight makes it fit for the tactical jobs, we notice the aircraft aluminum body that takes a fall, and some splashes, as it’s also water resistant.

The compact size makes the flashlight easy to carry and to hold. The tool has a good weight and balance, leaving a nice feel in the hand. The solar powered keychain adds up to the list of good things.

The flashlight runs on three AAA batteries or Solaray 18650 3.5V battery.

Going over the most important things shortly:
  • The flashlight has a 1,200 lumens output
  • It has five operating modes
  • It’s tough and water resistant
  • It’s compact and easy to use/carry/hold

The flaws aren’t major:
  • The design may be improved
  • The zoom has a rather square pattern

For the bright light and tough build, we’d still go with this one when out on the field.

Small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket, the Nitecore EC11 900 Lumens Brightest Mini Cree XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight gives an impressive 900 lumens maximum output and it’s one bright and small tactical flashlight to save you out of trouble.

The flashlight has a compact shape and a small size, which makes it so easy to store, carry and to hold in your hand. It’s less than 3-inc long and it feels incredibly lightweight (it only weighs 1.6oz.).

It’s easy to operate the flashlight that has a cozy dual size mode and you may have your pick from the lighting modes: turbo, high, medium, low, and strobe. Additionally, you have direct access to ultra-low and turbo output.

The build of the flashlight is good and the little tool is rugged, made with aero grade aluminum alloy.  It presents an IPX8 waterproof grade so it’s submersible up to 65ft.  Let’s not forget the strong mineral glass with anti-reflective coating for the lens that helps with the toughness of the flashlight. On top of all of this, the flashlight may take a fall from 50ft. or so.

The flashlight also features a secondary red LED that ensures constant/flashing illumination. The high efficiency constant current circuit ensures a 20hours runtime and the flashlight runs on 1 CR123A battery or 1 IMR 1850 Li-Io rechargeable battery. The flashlight has reverse polarity protection so no worries if the battery isn’t placed right.

The portability of the flashlight is impressive and it also comes with holster, clip, lanyard and spare O-ring.

Let’s try to sum it all up for a short list of pros:
  • The flashlight is rugged and has an IPX8 waterproof grade
  • The light is bright and travels far
  • The beam is great for the tactical jobs
  • The flashlight is portable and versatile

The cons aren’t deal breakers though:
  • Some feel the flashlight is prone to accidental activation
  • It may get hot after a while

Rugged, bright and build for the tactical missions, the flashlight is hard to say no to when in need.

Well thought out and reliable when out in the field, the  Olight S30R Baton III 1050 Lumens EDC LED Rechargeable Flashlight present a maximum output of 1050 lumens and it’s one of the brightest choice for the tactical jobs.

Featuring a strong and sturdy clip, the flashlight has a good weight and a small size, becoming easy to carry, but reliable in the outdoors. It also features a magnetic tailcap so you may safely attach it to metal surfaces, when you need hands-free operation.

The portability of the flashlight is great as it also comes with a lanyard and holster that protects it, extending its lifespan.

The light is bright and you may choose from 3 lighting modes. The beam has  a good pattern for the outdoors and the light travels quite far, up to 615ft. the flashlight also has a memory function so it turns on automatically on the last mode you used.

The flashlight runs on a rechargeable 18650 battery, but also comes with USB cable and USB charging dock so it’s more versatile. The flashlight doesn’t eat up batteries and doesn’t get hot thanks to it thermal management program. Anyways, the low power indicator informs you when it’s time for a recharge.

Impact resistant and water-resistant, the Olight SR30 baton is one of the sure buys you can make.

Here’s what impresses us the most:
  • The flashlight has a 1050lumens maximum output
  • The light is bright and travels far
  • It’s impact resistant and water-resistant as well
  • It’s small, compact and well thought-out

Don’t stress because of the inherent issues:
  • The holster is a tad big
  • You may need custom batteries for it

For the bright light and tough build, we’d say you can take a leap of faith and get this one for your future tactical missions.

Bright and rugged, the Fenix PD35 2015 TAC Edition 1000 Lumen CREE XP-L LED Tactical Flashlight is one flashlight that is so easy to carry in any tactical mission.

Compact and small, the flashlight has an impressive 1,000Lumens output which quite a lot when out on a mission is. The Cree XP-L (V5) LED on the flashlight is both long lasting and strong, build to take a 50,000hours use.

The flashlight is easy to operate and its tactical tail switch is a great feature when you’re out there struggling for your life.

The body of the flashlight recommends it for the battle and the tool is made with aircraft-grade aluminum with Premium Type II hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. This way the flashlight isn’t just durable, but also easier to hold as it gets a sturdy grip. The anti-roll body design sure helps on the grip and the flashlight is in fact slip-resistant.

Everything about the flashlight makes it fit for the outdoors and the IPX8 waterproof grade means you may actually submerse it up to 6/12ft. for 30 minutes or so.

The lens is tough and its anti-reflective coating makes the beam nice and steady.  The flashlight has a nice hot spot and flood as well.

The flashlight runs on one rechargeable 18650 Li-Io battery, but you may also use 3V CR123a Li batteries. The low voltage reminder informs you when it’s time to recharge, whereas a reverse polarity feature protects the flashlight in case you’re not installing the battery in according to polarity.

An intelligent memory circuit and memory function add on the list of qualities and the flashlight automatically turns on in the last output mode.

Pinpointing the important things:
  • The flashlight is bright and the light travels far
  • It has a rugged build and an IPX8 waterproof grade
  • It has many features that extend its lifespan
  • It’s easy to use and dependable

We do have some minor complaints:
  • Some would like the flashlight to have less buttons
  • The strobe mode isn’t accessible from the off position

Bright, tough and ready for the tactical jobs, the flashlight is worth to try when in need.

When in need for a bright tactical flashlight for your Glock 19, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight Light 800 Lumens with Strobe.

The flashlight stands out with a smart design and the multiple features that make it safe and reliable in any tactical challenge. The flashlight comes with a Snap-on so it’s easy to operate with just one hand. You may even keep your hands away from muzzle when you’re attaching the flashlight, which may save your life in an emergency.

The flashlight has a 12,000-candela peak beam intensity and its maximum output is 800 lumens. The beam is concentrated due to the TIR optic and the peripheral illumination is quite high. The flashlight has a wide range cover and the light travels far. The beam pattern is wide so it’s not difficult for you to identify your situation at a time.

Made with aircraft aluminum, the flashlight is impact resistant and handles very well all sorts of conditions as it has an anodized finish with high temperatures. Furthermore, the glass lens is shock-mounted so the flashlight is tough on so many levels. The flashlight is dependable in temperatures from -40 to +120F degrees and has an IPX7 waterproof grade.

The flashlight is easy to operate and it comes with ambidextrous momentary/steady on/off switch. The strobe mode is easy to enable/disable and the double tap momentary paddle is reliable.

No worries on the safety either as the flashlight has tethered battery door and latch mechanism so you may change battery safe every time.

Listing the main qualities:
  • The flashlight is easy to use and to attach
  • It has an 800 lumens output and several lighting modes
  • It’s tough and has an IPX7 waterproof grade
  • It’s versatile and dependable

Don’t change your mind because of some small issues:
  • It may add a bit of weight to your Glock
  • It’s challenging for some to open/close the battery cap

Tough, reliable and bright, the Streamlight 69260 is a power horse for your Glock 19 and many other models.

The amazing 2000lumens output of the FENIX TK35 Ultimate Edition UE 2000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight is one thing to really appreciate on the flashlight, but the Fenix TK35 brings so many other good things to the table.

The flashlight doesn’t stand out with its impressive maximum output, but also with the light, that travels far, presenting a throw distance of 1050ft.

You may easily set the flashlight on one of its five lighting modes: eco, low, mid, high, and turbo. Let’s not forget the strobe and the SOS mode for the emergency either. The beam is soft and uniform thanks to its orange peel reflector and the flashlight keeps its brightness constant as it has a digitally regulated output.

The flashlight has many features that extend its durability. The reverse polarity feature protects it in case you’re misplacing the battery, whereas a low-voltage warning function informs you on the power level.

The build of the flashlight is also impressive and the flashlight is made with Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish and it’s waterproof up to 6.5ft. for 30 minutes.

The small profile makes it easy to use and carry and its dual tail button switch makes the operation a breeze. Controls are solid and the flashlight has zero risk for accidental operation. The holster is good, the lanyard hole is large for a perfect fit to a sturdy cord and the flashlight has an amazing fit and finish.

Listing the main pros:
  • The flashlight has a 2000 lumens maximum output
  • The light has a wide range cover and travels far
  • The flashlight is rugged and waterproof
  • It’s small, compact and durable

Bells and whistles aside, here are the minor issues:
  • The charger is a tad bulky
  • It’s challenging to change batteries internally

Giving the impressive output and build, we’d say you could definitely overlook the minor problems and go for it when in need.

If small and very bright is what you’re looking for on a tactical flashlight, put your money at stake with the SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights with Strike Bezel.

The flashlight is a real power horse out on the field but being tough and rugged isn’t the only thing that counts on it. The flashlight has a maximum output of 500lumens. It only has two lighting modes, but the low 5 lumens isn’t that bad either. In addition, the flashlight runs for longer time on the low mode.

The flashlight comes with TIR lens so the beam is tight, but you may highly appreciate also the surround light for peripheral vision.

Made with aerospace aluminum, the flashlight is tough and takes the use for a long time. It has strike bezel for protection and Mil-Spec hard anodized for longer lifespan. The coated tempered window takes a fall and the flashlight is ready to take a beat.

The flashlight is easy to operate and comes with dual output tail cap click switch. The risk for accidental operation is minimal though.

Let’s not forget the two-way clip design that makes the flashlight easy to use in all sorts of situations.

Here are some of its best assets:
  • The flashlight is tough and small
  • The light is bright
  • The flashlight is durable and takes a fall
  • The beam is tight and the light has a wide range cover

The flaws aren’t that bad:
  • The tail switch may use better design
  • The clip could be stronger

No matter how you put it though, for the small size, rugged build and bright light, the flashlight is a reliable tool to throw in your backpack when going on a mission.